To fend off rising gasoline prices, more and more Americans are looking for smaller cars with high mileages. This time, though, even Toyota Prius that has run a huge backlog over the past few years is not able to match up. Welcome to the new era of "tiny cars". The two-seat cute looking tiny cars, such as, Smart ForTwo from Smart USA has mileage over 70 mpg. The newer models of its rival - Mini Cooper claims to reach that level soon. The stop-smart system used in the Smart ForTwo MHD has been said to reduce fuel-consumption by shutting off the engine, when the driver hits the brakes and the car is traveling below 5mph. The high mileage has captured many eyes of consumers who are eager to try out the tiny cars for their daily commutes. Despite high mileages and cute looks, how safe is it driving a tiny car on the roads that are already filled with jumbo trucks and giant SUV's? What do you think the driving experience would be?